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to be or not to be … vegan

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Many of my friends are vegetarian or even vegan. This sucks. Really. I do not need meat for every dish. I do not need meat every day. Really. But I like it. For sure it is the most delicious stuff one can cook. I do not care if some people think different about this. They may be happy with corn or broccoli. Fine. But I am not. Not for a longer period of time. Not if I can choose.

Of course I respect animal rights. I do not want them to be tortured. I do not want them to live by thousands in a large hall without sun, grass, whatever is called a „live“. I’m willing to pay double for the meat I buy, just to make sure to buy „good“, organic, stuff that’s not from those „meat factories“. I try to avoid cheap meat as good as I can. Not without exceptions – ok – but I need a damn cheeseburger every couple of month to get happy. 😉

I perfectly like vegetarian or vegan food. I’m also able to cook some great stuff for my vegetarian and my vegan friends. It does not bother me. I also respect people who live vegetarian or vegan. Not a problem at all.

But there’s ONE THING I hate. I hate all those guys (and girls) that won’t let me live as I want to. I hate those dogmatic vegans who are trying to convince me of veganism each and every day. I do not want them to get on my nerves every day. But I also do not want to be a vegan. It’s not an easy thing to make them shut up. I tried to avoid places where lots of vegan people idiots are. I tried not to eat meat when they are around. But finally I am fed up with this sh**. I won’t do this anymore. I am going to eat what I want, whenever I want.

Of course they are right, when they are talking about those poor animals in those meat factories. But I do not buy THIS meat. They ask me „oh could you kill such a cute little lamb?“ … HELL YES. Damn fools. If they can’t kill what they wanna eat – ok, let them stop it. But what’s the matter about slaughtering an animal, if you want to eat it? It is the only consequence. If you want to eat it, you need to kill it. If you can’t kill it, stay with your corn. Period.

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to be or not to be ... vegan, 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating


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