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Probably the best beer in the world …

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German beer is most probably the best beer in the world. You may ask why. There’s quite a few reasons for this.

First of all there is a law called the “Rheinheitsgebot”. This law protects the ingredients of what may be sold as “beer” (German: “Bier”). You are only allowed to put a very limited amount of stuff in your beer, including pure water, barley, hops and yeast. Nothing else is allowed. Newertheless there are thousands of different kinds of hops and, especially, barley so there is a very wide range of differend beer. The taste varies between sweet and light beer, like Koelschbier (“Kölsch”), little similar to Lager, to very dark and strong beer like “Schwarzbier”, which is kind of similar to Irish/British Ales.

Other (European) countries, especially Belgium, also produce a lot of beer, of different beers. But Belgian beer is very different from the German beer. They tend to put a lot of different stuff in it, to reach different flavors. Very common is fruit-beers, like orange flavored beer, apple flavored beer, strawberry flavored beer, and so on. On the other hand, they do not mix there beer as often as Germans do. In Germany there is an ongoing decrease of the volume of pure beer sold, while mixed beer keeps selling better. Very common is a mix with Coke, (called “Dreckssack”, “Colabier”, …) or lemonade (“Radler”). After all breweries are allowed to sell ready-mixed beer for quite a while now.

A little pitty is the German “freibier”(free-beer)-cluture, which means a lot of people drunk as hell every day. In most German cities there are pubs or clubs offeren all you can drink flatrates once a week – and there is a plenty of them. So, especially very young people in hollidays, get drunk every day. It’s completely out of control what happening sometimes. People vomiting all over the streets, crushing stuff and bullying other people. As some of this parties end early in the next days morning, those guys are bothering people going to work by bus, tram or train.

The German media, first of all the cheap yellow-press, keep on dealing on this topic. They call it “Komasaufen”. Since this there’s a bit more of control, to check the age of the drinking people. Drinking beer in pubs is legal with age of 16 in Germany, buying or drinking booze with 18, so those wild kids keep knocking their heads out day by day.

Nevertheless drinking beer is very common in Germany, nearly everybody has a beer from time to time. It’s not possible to take away beer from German “pub-culture”, as it’s not possible to take away pubs. It’s not about alcoholism, most people drink just one or two beers, but about the pleasure. Most Germans are used to drink beer from an age of 16 on, so they just like the taste. This is another reason why German beer is so damn good – people in Germany just LOVE BEER. They care about brewing the BEST BEER and there are THOUSANDS of different brands concurring about who’s the best.

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Probably the best beer in the world ..., 3.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating


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