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Ad kills brain.

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It’s kind of poor. Everybody in this world can quote a bunch of useless stupid stuff. Messages brought to us by companies to make us buy there useless products. Freakin‘ hell! I know more messages from commercials than universities stuff. I should learn quite much, but my brain is stuffed with this crap that I wont never, ever need. In fact I do not just not need it, it is bothering me! I don’t want  to think about any of this dumb stuff when going to the supermarket to buy me $whatever! I do not want to deal with all this crap each and every day. What’s all this damn shit about?! Can’t they all just stop bombing me with all this usesless information? I don’t want to remove a bunch of bulk mail from my mailbox (my online email-box as well as my ofline snail mail box!) day by day. There’s absolutely no need to kill billions of trees to print advertisements on paper that I will NEVER read! Please just STOP IT!

Is anybody going to look at this 468×60 images in the world wide web anymore? Noooo… we all know that it’s just rubbish. If we don’t have an adblocker installed in our webbrowsers, we will just ignore it by ourselfes. Oh no, and I’m not gonna buy any pills just because I got a lot of spam telling me to do. Sorry. I don’t know HOW many men with ED there are in this damn world but I’m pretty sure there can’t be that much to justify the ammount of spam hitting my mailbox. I can’t (and I do not WANT to) buy 10 pounds of meat every day in every damn supermarket in the city. I just do not want to do this. I could put up a sign at my door „please do not put advertisements for cheap meat in my mailbox“. Well … actually it’s not a very bad idea … hum …. I think I’m gonna try this…. I do not think that it’s gonna help – but who knows?! Maybe tomorroy there are similar signs on each and every mailbox in the city … aww… that would be nice… 😀 Let me think about what would be  next… maybe some kind of pirating the local broadcasting channels to replace advertisements with something useful. something to make the people THINK. My neighbor, for example, is listening to a local Radio Station every day. The whole day. In an unbelievable high volume. If I go to the toilet I get informed about tomorrows weather or the situation on the highways… just because the wall’s not big enough. Funny, eh? So what if we could inject some neat information. Something that MATTERS. Something to make people think and not just listen to whatever they get told in the damn radio. Next step: Put something interesting on those fat walls with commercials. What about some nice quotes. Do not draw graffiti on walls – put them where ads have been. Replace the dumb message with an intellectual one.

Yay… let’s change the world! Let’s make the world a better place! Let’s start maybe tomorrow!

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Ad kills brain., 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating


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