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Silent Diesel Generator

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What is a silent diesel generator?

Most people don’t think about it much, but our civilization would take a huge hit if the electrical power ceased to exist. To experience this, think how helpless you are if the electricity in your home goes out. The only thing that is left to do is to light the candles and wait for help, isn’t it? Well, not quite. Many people would install a silent gasoline or diesel powered electricity generator, which serves as backup in that dire situation. Basically, a silent diesel generator is an engine that runs on diesel fuel, and powers a generator that converts mechanic movement into electrical current. Since every diesel engine (even the most silent ones) produces pretty much noise, a silent diesel generator is equipped with additional sound suppression, most often an extra layer of soundproof coating. More expensive silent diesel generator models provide quite acceptable noise levels to be comfortably used in regular residential areas.

When would you need a silent diesel generator?

An electrical generator, regardless of whether it is gasoline or diesel based, can be used in a number of situations. The most common one is to guarantee a power supply in your home, especially in the areas where power outages are frequent. Apart from that, caravan homes are dependent on the use of generators, as well as other types of mobile accommodations such boats and yachts. In these situations you also want to use a silent diesel generator, as they will be employed on a permanent basis, not just as backup. Of course, a silent diesel generator can also be used more creatively, such as to provide your friends a home TV experience in the middle of a forest picnic, or to power the equipment on a music tour. A diesel generator can be used, say, to start a car with a dead battery, but in this case it wouldn’t have to be silent of course.

Choosing the right silent diesel generator

Silent diesel generators come in variety of prices and options, and you need to consider them well before choosing one. First, there are mobile (portable) and stationary generators. These can be either hardwired into your home electrical system or be used to power stand-alone equipment. For instance, a silent diesel generator can be turned on automatically when the electricity in your home goes out, so the outage will be extremely short (still, save your computer work often!).

Diesel generators (with or without a silent mode) vary in terms of output power. You need to calculate yourself how much power do you need based on which equipment you will be running. For instance, a single light bulb can require some 75W, while a furnace will not hesitate to use up to 2500W. A refrigerator takes about 700W and a TV about 300W, depending on the model.

You may want to buy a silent diesel generator instead of its noisy counterpart, depending on the conditions of its intended use. In a residential area a silent generator is usually a must, even legally required in some areas. Experts recommend standing next to a running silent diesel generator in order to see whether you are comfortable with the noise level yourself. A recommended norm is about 70dB at 7 meters. That is about loud as a regular quiet conversation, which would make your generator really silent, eh?

Finally, you want to consider whether your silent generator will be run on diesel or gasoline. A silent diesel generator is usually a better choice, since a diesel engine runs longer on the average. In addition, a silent diesel 

generator would produce less noise for the same power output due to lower torque, and would also have lower fuel consumption. On the other hand, gasoline generators tend to be cheaper pricewise.

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Silent Diesel Generator, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating


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